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SOOO. Since saturday was my birthday, but couldn't truly celebrate… - You gotta say what you say [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Miss Niss

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[May. 16th, 2005|08:27 pm]
Miss Niss
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Since saturday was my birthday, but couldn't truly celebrate (had better things to do)... I celebrated on Friday and Sunday. Friday, Dan came and picked me up, he gave me the log cabin he had made in ceramics for my birthday! its amazingly awesome. Went to his houseee, had dinner with him, his mommy, his sister and her three kids (my future neices and nephew whether dan likes it or not, those kids are just tooooo cute) and his brother. After that we got Ritas and ran into Ryan Binkert :-D then then we watched National Treasure together again, just like the first date (aweee)  but i fell asleep on him haha.
Thennnnn Saturday! The big day! Prom ! Yay! Got my hair all prett-ied at 10, and lo- and behold, who is there but Amanda! Then went home and got dressed and stuff then Dan came, wow did he look handddsoommmee! WHOO. Hott stuff. Headed over to ms. Toni Mareno's house for picutres but it was just me and Dan and Toni and Billy at first, then this korean kid they called "Q" came with his date and more were supposed to come, including Toni's date but Dan and I had to leave to catch his fam at the school. We did. We took lots of pictures and stuff and then hung around a bit.  Loaded the busses 'round 4:30. Place was pretty nice, my table i sat at was reaaal awesome.  Lets see who I can remember.. Bobby and Kate weren't at our table, not reeeally but they hung out there mostly the whole time. I met AJ and Ali , they were at our table, and Jarrett and his date, and Curtis and his date, and Rafeal who i didn talk to or anything but he was awesome becuase he was a blonde puerto rican or domincian or something haha. Then we had appetizers and I think we were the lasssst table to get our actual meal but thats okay. Danced to all the slow songs but. That was it haha. They played "My boo" which is ironic but friggen awesome haha.  At 12:00 we alll sang happy birthday to bobby cause his birthday was on Sundayyy so yeah.  Got back to the school, said byeee, didnt get home til after 3....
Sunday i sooooo wanted to sleep in but mom made me get up early for "family breakfast" :-( ughh. oh well. At like 12 went to boo's house and waited for alicia then the three of us drove up to my daddy's house and we went to olive garden for dinner that was really nice.  Dan hung out after and we wathced the other movie he got me for mybirthday, The Wedding planner (awee) and then just hung out . Then he went home and i went to sleep :-D!

The end


[User Picture]From: fo_shizzzle
2005-05-16 07:36 pm (UTC)
im pretty sure you had the hottest prom table in the history of proms.
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