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Miss Niss

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(no subject) [Mar. 24th, 2005|06:27 pm]
Miss Niss
[I'm Feelin' this.. |gloomygloomy]
[Listen up! |Break myself - Something Corporate]

I hate how i get so worked up over everyyything.
I hate how i get jealous... for no reason what-so-ever.
I hate how i take it out on all the wrong people.
I hate how nothing ever works out quite right.
I hate how i make him upset when i'm upset.
I hate how i feel so dumb compared to all my friends.
I hate how no matter what i tried on today, it all looked like SHIT.
I hate how i cry so often now, when i should be happier than ever.
I hate how i feel like no matter how hard i try, its never enough.
I hate how i feel like nothing compared to the rest of my life.
I hate how i compare everything about myself to everyone around me.
.. and when i do, i always feel inferior.
I hate how i never feel like i'm enough; like him/friends deserve better.
I hate how one minute i'll feel like i hate my dad/ann.
.. and then a couple of hours later its the total opposite.
I hate how my mom treats ... everyone.
... and how i'm afraid i'll be the same way.
I hate how i constantly dwell on my past.
I hate how i feel a certain pang everytime i'm around you.
I hate how I hate myself.

... thats a lot of hate, huh.
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(no subject) [Mar. 4th, 2005|10:21 pm]
Miss Niss
[I'm Feelin' this.. |aggravatedAnnoyed with certian ppl!]
[Listen up! |Buddahead - When I Fall]

Wellllllll I was going to go through the wholeee trip like i did last year.. but i'm too lazy and no one wants to read it all anyway! :-) so i'm just gonna write my FAVORITE memories....

Number One, of courseeee,
Packaderms!! are number.. uh... 3!
2 + 2 equals.... 3!
Budda / Buttah!
Mickey Mouse slippers
Goofy hats
Please remember....
"What is this crap!?"
Cannolo Maximus
Seeing Joey!
Seeing Joey's face on the dinosaur ride!
.."Why aren't you chanting?!  "... because i didn't have a drink yet."
Making pancakes
Making TOTS
Grocery shopping with Melissa and Kelley
Flamingos (that DO live in Florida!)
Rainforest Cafe Tee Shirts
Brian Foley's laugh! (<3) hah
Jenn's Laugh
...making me laugh
.....making us go into hysterics
The endless search for Alligators
The "cool group" in the pool
         (Me, Christina, Alex, Steve, Greg, Justin)
Watching Greg come onto Steve endlessly
Feng Shui Kitties
10 dollar chinese purses
Mine + Jenn's matching flip flops
"Pacos, party of 6!"
"Alex....... NO YOUR ANDREW!!!"
Song Trivia Game
...WINNING the song trivia game(once haha)

and so many more that i can't remember right now but i will sooner or later.
*Carrie Jenn Alex Steve Alison Erin Jen Jess Andrew Christina Melissa Kelley among others...
                     thanks a bunch! Ya'll made  it aweeesome

**EDIT** rinnng! (wake up call at 8) rinnng! Antoher wake up call? *pick up and drop* rinnng! YOU GET IT THIS TIME CHRISTINA! hahaha <33333!
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(no subject) [Feb. 27th, 2005|04:47 pm]
Miss Niss
[I'm Feelin' this.. |ecstaticecstatic]
[Listen up! |Fall Out Boy]

I had sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun.

And made like a buncha new peeps (who were like the awesomest ever.)
Don't have alllll the time in the world right now, so i'll just leave it at ...

ba ba badada... .


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(no subject) [Feb. 18th, 2005|11:08 pm]
Miss Niss
[I'm Feelin' this.. |lovedSo in LOVE (thats right)]
[Listen up! |From Autumn To Ashes - No Trivia]

Yeah so . Who's the luckiest girl in the world? OH! . hah, ME!

Definately had suchhh a good (GREAT) Valentines Day / Valentines Day weekend. haha. Saturdayyy.. was well, amazing but also sad.  Mrs. Barnak passed away and though i didn't know her personally, of course i know the girls and i just am so sad for them, but am amazed by the strength they've got.  I saw Vicky on Thursday, and my god she tried to look so happy that  i just admired her so much.  I love you bothAlways here for you. 
* On a happier note... Dan (and alicia was supposed to but couldnt :-/) came up to daddy's house, and I gave him his present for valentines day early, since we both had work on monday.  He smiled a lot, so i think he liked it. Thennn.. we went out to dinner with Margie, Ronnie, and Bobby at the outback and Dan and I ordered the EXACT same thing ('cept for the potatoes hah). Then we came home and just chillaxed til he had to leave.  He asked me to come out to his car with him so naturally I agreed, and he had stuffers for me!! A balloon that said "Te Amo" (perrrrrrrfect!) and reallll roses, and an adorable little stuffed  flower ('so it lasts for ever'... aweeee) and my favorite of all, my Boo Bear (my name for the adddorable teddy bear he got me) GOODNESS i'm so loved! <33333.
* Sunday , worked until 4 again.  Thennnn! Boo picked me up from work and we went and saw Hitch. and something that was said in that movie just made me realize i'm soooooo lucky.  Then we grabbed ARBYS haha. soooo good!!
* Monday, Valentines Day itself, we both worked together and just had fun joking around all night.  He made me feel just... so special!!

yeah that was my wonderful weekend.

Had an alright week.  Realized something on tuesday.  Said it. Am immensely happy! :-D 

Bulletin! ! ! - When i'm sad, Corey Ddddddeeee Alwayyyyyyyys makes me feel better!

Hmmmmm My boo came over tonight and i wanted to be a bum so we stayed home and watched moveis and ate pizza and cuddled and were uhhh perfect!

sooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhh <333333333333333333333!!!!!!!!!

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Little miss can't be wrong - Spin doctors! [Jan. 26th, 2005|09:44 am]
Miss Niss
It has been a while, hasnt it.

Yeah well , stayed home for the first time three years... to work on Rivera paper. Now thats saying something.
I miss Dan. It's been a while since i got to spend time with him. But this weekend. :-)
I havent gone snowboarding in ... a longgg time. It's bound to be funny
Florida in less than a month. AH!

i know a secret you don't knowww....  but you'll find out soooon!

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(no subject) [Jan. 16th, 2005|12:14 am]
Miss Niss
[I'm Feelin' this.. |lovedin "heart"]
[Listen up! |Scotty doesnt know!]

I could just stare into your eyes all night long..  <3<3

Once again, thanks for making me happy, happier than i've been in.. I can't even remember when.

there's always that one person, that will always have your heart...

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I am .. SO lucky [Jan. 9th, 2005|12:33 am]
Miss Niss
[I'm Feelin' this.. |loved ...]

you are... amazing..
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holiday seasons - a time for happiness (now!) [Jan. 1st, 2005|05:25 pm]
Miss Niss
[I'm Feelin' this.. |jubilantjubilant]
[Listen up! |Loser- Beck]

This has been my best holiday season ever. Know why? Cause of my boo! thats why.

New years eve was fun, had a few people over (a lil more than expected but the more the merrier i s'pose?! haha) lets see it was..
· Me   · Dan   · Alicia   · Corey ·   Christina ·   Kimber ·   Jo ·   Julie ·   Stephan ·   Courtney!
My bests! YAYA of course, and my boo, what else could've made it better?
Oh yeah. One month for me and dan as soon as the ball dropped.. that made it better. :-)
I finally had a person to kiss when the ball dropped... i know its corny but i liked it. haha.
Even if mommy was a bitch to everyone (sorry ya'll) its okay.

New years day , annie's family came up to our house (as well as dan.) and were more normal than usual. which was cool.
but now i'm gonna go watch my monk marathon. i know, i know, loser but oh well.

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(no subject) [Dec. 27th, 2004|09:11 pm]
Miss Niss
[I'm Feelin' this.. |lovedVery happy + loved :-*]
[Listen up! |24 - Switchfoot]

Okkayyy lots to write so i'll start at the beginning ! :-)

Christmas eve i was at daddy's house, we went to Aunt Carol's house cuase instead of Uncle Mikes house cuase he decided we weren't having it there this year so yeah. Saw allllll 7 aunts/uncles, and their spouses, and lots of cousins that i havent seen in a long long time like Aaron and Ryan and Gregory and Jordan and Tyler and Becky but no Jess :-( . Then we came home and did the present thing that night, got some nice stuff.. .  .  ·  New alarm clock / cd player  · Case for laptop  ·  clothes from ae/delias/others  ·  criss-crossing picture frame thingy  · body scrub and lotion  · "Photo Explosion Deluxe"  ·  Skynard, Kansas, and Styx Greatest hits, photo paper, and a smoothe maker!  among others haha.  then went to bed :-)

Christmas day ... woke up, went to church in tannersville,then went to mommys with pop pop and gram, did the present thing there, also got nice things like..  · MP3 player  ·  Candle making kits  ·  borders gift card  ·  awesome sweater from cassie  ·  another sweater with matching hat  ·  AE coat + shoes  ·  Tetris for TV ha so fun! and others stuff  then we had dinner w/ the whoooolllle family.. Mom, Him, Cassie, Caitlyn, me, Grandma, Pop Pop, (and baby was sleeping) and Cassie offered to let me drive her car!! i was so excited. but then i wasn't allowd to . Stupid Gma. :-(

Christmas day night... i guess? hah well the night of dec. 25 went to dan's house, and it was just so nice! got there at around 5 ish? gave him his gifts (he says he likes them... hope so.) and he gave me mine (love it!!) then we watched the funniest movie, but i'd never heard of it before, "Earth Girls are Easy". Met his mommy, and then his sister came w/ baby Tia ( i love that baby! ) and his Grandpa and Aunt and cousin? i think . haha. cousin kinda scared me cause he was like "You better not break danny's heart now.." (not that i would) "and i expect to see you here next christmas!!" and i fet like saying "SIR YES SIR!" haha... but yeah, we were cuddled up on the couch and it was just so nice! then we put in jay and silent bob (("chainsaw bob")) haha and i was cold so he got me this blanket which had to be the coolest blanket EVER and we were just like idk perfect. :-) and then i had to go home around 9ish (i forgot to turn my phone off of silent and missed like 10 of mommys calls... oops... got a little but not much trouble for that) and we were in his car waiting for it to defrost and i put my head on his shoulder and he said the sweetest thing ever.. and i just like him so much. ugh. :-D :-* Definately a day to remember, seeings as it was my BEST christmas memories ever.

Makes me smile just thinking about it.  heh.

today (monday!) was fun!! woke up late, went to Alicias and chilled there for a bit, ate cookies, straightened hair. Then alicia got dressed and we went to Corey's to pick him up but had to wait a lil bit so we played w/ his sister Amanada (cutie but gets SOOO attached hah)  while corey and sean played video games. Then dan got there w/ louis and we chilled for a lil bit. then we went to the malll and chilled there and saw like EVERYONE and their moms and their second cousin's twice removed... jk but saw a lot of ppl. Dee Straubbie, Asian John, Kimber my timber, Amanda, Kelly , Kaila, JOEY ZUCCARO god havent seen that kid since he moved haha, Jesse and Nate and Ryan, Robby, sluts on crutches haha. Dan went up the escaltor in sears like Will ferrell did in elf! it was funny. and kim stroked my hair ( = <3 ! ) and then we went outside to say goodbye which took forEVER and i threw snow in coreys face (sorrryyyyy :- / ) haha got in alicias car and corey ended up forgetting his cd so we drove real quick to them and gave it back then we went to Z's to meet ann who was late like always and we had dinner there (no chicken) :-) Then came home. haha. thats my day. UGH i can't wait for new years... !!! Get to see my boo again. <3 <3 mucho .

And!!! omg this is awesome! haha I am most likely going to get to work in Floral permanently at work!!! how awesome!!! i'm so exciteddddd!! okay thats all . getting late, i'm tired. goodnight <3

i heart my booooo. :-* + :-p = :-D haha awe.

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Hmmmmmmmm [Dec. 22nd, 2004|08:34 pm]
Miss Niss
[I'm Feelin' this.. |tiredsoooo happy, but tired!]
[Listen up! |Aerosmith - Janie's got a gun]

Yeah today was a gooood day, after a horrrrrrrrible week/two weeks.
I dont feel like describing everything... so i'll just make a list of good/bad

·  Didn't get more than 4 hours of sleep each night the past 4 days
·  Got yelled at when working, constantly
·  Basically never saw my booo
·  Dan was sick... and got me sick :-(
·  Fucking paystations should rot in hell
·  I never want to hear the word "Pompeii" again thanks to Mrs. Rivera and her outline
·  I stilll have to write my essay for steen
·  Moved back 10 chairs in orchestra :'(
·  Worked too much
·  Got bitched at nonstop from various parents
·  Came home from girls bball game on  a frrreeezing cold bus
·  CD player broke
·  Got hit in the eye with a shuttle cock
·  Was late to school monday
·  Didn't get the HUGE snowstorm that was once predicted
·  Had to make tonsss of hemp necklacesss.

·  Finished the outline on time w/ 8.5 pages
·  Won 30 outta 40 pennies in dreidel game :-) 
             *neener neener poo poo, Alicia and Randy!
·   Won two consecutive hands of spit in english
·  Did hardly anything in anyyy class
·  Got many gifts from wonderful friends
·  Talked to my SLUT! :-* god i miss her.

Now .. once dan gets home and i say goodnight.. i'm goign to BED


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